Let’s Talk About To-Do Lists

You may or may not know that my clients refer to me as the “Queen of Implementation”. My brain is wired to focus on productivity and effectiveness. Well, I’m not sure how much of it is in the wiring, but I continue to train and discipline myself for effectiveness. One way I do this is by writing things down.

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We Don't Have To Do It All

Many people “want to do it all”. They yearn for more…something faster and better. They’re proud overachievers. Their busy schedule is a badge of honor. They feel uncomfortable “just being”. Full confession here…I used to be one of these people. And I was worn out. Period.

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The Cost of Not Planning

What if you would have taken FIVE minutes, to write out your grocery list (and even check in with the family to see what they need). You have it in your phone (or, *gasp* on paper). You head to the store and quickly find everything on your list. Once home, you proceed to put together dinner for your family. No drama, no beating your self up, no forgotten items.

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Giving Up or Pushing Through?

How often do you ask yourself this question: “Should I give up on this project”? . If I give up, what will I be missing? Will I be quitting too early…before my reward comes? Or should I keep pushing through. How do you weigh the risk and reward?

If you’re looking for the answer, read no more. Literally…I don’t have the answer, so if that’s what you need, stop reading now.

However, if you’re looking for ways to weigh the pros and cons, read on.

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