As a kid, I was fascinated with notebooks, pens, pencils and other assorted writing tools.

When I played “school,” I was always the teacher. I loved to keep everything neat and tidy. I would encourage my “students” (ok, they were my classmates, stuffed animals and anyone who would sit still) to write things down.

Later in life, I was inspired by the words of a mentor: “Poor handwriting is better than a good memory.” When you write things down, you get things done. Smart phones, iPads and other electronic devices had yet to complicate life. Paper and pen ruled. And, I was happy.

When I was introduced to Franklin Covey, I wouldn’t be caught without my planner in tow.

I spent many years traveling from coast to coast working with teachers, principals and other educators, helping them understand the importance of goal-setting, time management and organization. I faithfully carried my planner, and practiced what I preached: Writing things down increased my ability to do the Right Things at the Right Time.

As a time management and organizational junkie, I understand the pitfalls of trying to stay organized. I’ve never been happy with commercial planners. I felt they were too complicated, they stressed me out, and I didn’t utilize many of the features. I was flunking planning 101.

That’s why the monaplanner© was born. It is easy to implement and simple to use.

The monaplanner©, along with my e-calendar, simplifies my life and supports my success.

With the monaplanner©, thousands of people experience fewer distractions while enjoying increases in efficiency and productivity. You can too.