As a kid, Mona remembers having a fascination with notebooks, pens, pencils and other assorted writing tools.

When she played “school” she was always the teacher, because she loved to keep everything neat and tidy.  She would encourage her “students” to write things down.

Later in life, she was inspired by the words of a mentor: “Poor handwriting is better than a good memory.” Smart phones, iPads and other electronic devices had yet to be brought to life. Paper and pen ruled. And she was happy.

And when Mona was introduced to Franklin Covey, and wouldn’t be caught without her planner in tow.

She spent many years, traveling from coast to coast, working with teachers, Principals and other educators, helping them understand the importance of goal setting, time management and organization, and passing these skills on to students. She faithfully carried her planner, and practiced what she preached: “Poor handwriting is better than a good memory.”

But she was never quite happy with the commercial planners. They worked, but they weren’t enough. Being a time management and organizational junkie since she was a kid, Mona understands many of the pitfalls of trying to stay organized as an adult. And don’t get her started on all of the electronic tools that are available. She’s tried most of them, and while they have their pros, they weren’t the right tool for her.

That’s when the monaplanner© was born. It was a labor of love.

She knows there are those who use an e-calendar, and it is best when combined with a paper planner.  Planning happens differently on paper and this is where you’ll find increases in efficiency and productivity (and less distractions!)



Here’s the real essence of what I do:

I’m a chameleon, an analyst, an organizer, a teacher, and a cheerleader. I’m an old-school pen and paper enthusiast, a proponent of common sense and intuition, and a dream builder. I live for a client’s A-HA moments. Knowing I’ve empowered someone to get out of their own way to achieve goals and push their limits fuels me in a way nothing else does

I combine my Lean Manufacturing knowledge, my years of teaching and facilitating experience with Franklin Covey, my entrepreneurial spirit, and my fierce commitment to living life with integrity and without regret to every project, every presentation, every meeting. I do that because for me, this work isn’t work in the traditional sense—it’s a passion and a calling, a privilege and a pleasure.

Sometimes I nudge, cajole, and encourage a client to set and meet goals; other times I dig—not so gently, mind you—to find what’s really holding someone back.  It’s not lost on me that the people I work with trust me with trade secrets and deep-seeded fears. Together, we focus on what’s important and I go to work and give each client what they need, whether that’s a kick in the pants, an objective view on a situation, or suggestions that not only make sense, but can be implemented and measured.

Reach out, and let me know what your needs are.

We’ll decide together what consulting program will best fit your needs.