Daily Plan of Action

Ahhh, this is where the “Focus Daily” part of the plan comes in.

My 3 Biggies

 By writing your 3 priorities (yes, limit it to 3 or less!), you’ll increase the probability of getting them done, and  your brain will keep them top of mind.


 Write in anything that is time specific here. Meetings, sales calls, lunch appointments …you get the picture.


This is where you write the rest of your tasks for that particular day. Don’t over schedule yourself! Plan ahead for the extra things/urgent items that always seem to creep into your day. A good rule of thumb is to only schedule 2/3 of your day. Allow the other 1/3 to be time to answer emails, return calls and handle last minute urgent request. At the end of each day, make adjustments as needed – transfer unfinished tasks to the day you do plan to get them done.

Today I’m Grateful For...

Ahhh, gratitude. Studies show that being grateful can improve our physical, mental and emotional health. It can reduce stress and increase mental strength. Take a few minutes a day to write what you’re grateful for!


Are you a doodler? Like to make daily detailed notes? This page is for you! Write, draw and scribble your way to personal effectiveness! Writing things down, instead of using electronics actually helps our memory!

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